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Crisp flavors and the unmistakable sensation of nicotine in its purest form, all in a familiar pouch format. A hit of nicotine, without any of the guilt.

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Bridge™ was founded for individuals who know what they want out of life - and enjoy a hit of nicotine along the way. Our purpose is simple: create tobacco free nicotine pouches that satisfies cravings, while eliminating the harmful chemicals found in traditional tobacco.

One that can travel with you to a mountain top, accompany you down backroads and busy city streets, and help you hustle through days at the office.


Small, discreet and easy to use, Bridge™ tobacco free nicotine pouches are bursting with fresh flavor and are available in three strengths of tobacco free nicotine. Each can comes loaded with 20 pouches to be enjoyed for up to 30 minutes.

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