Cool Mint


Cool Mint Nicotine Pouches

Bridge™ cool mint nicotine pouches come in 4mg, 10mg, and 15mg options that typically last up to 30 minutes. A refreshingly icy flavor of cool mint without the mess, spit or guilt. Each tin comes with 20 cool mint nicotine pouches and is equipped with a flavor-saver compartment for your used pouches.

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Bridge™ was founded for individuals who know what they want out of life and want to quit. 

Customer Reviews

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A Lowe
A Good Alternative

Having tried velo, zyn, and even a non-nicotine caffeine based pouch, I can confidently say Bridge is the best. The flavor, consistency, and smoothness are unmatched. One time I ran out before my subscription renewal, and I was horrified at how much less I liked another product which tasted more acidic and upset my stomach.

I recommend them in the U.S. to anyone I see who already uses pouches of some sort.

They are also discreet, so I feel more comfortable using them as a woman.

Paul B

Quality product much better than the Zyns and others like that. It comes down to a nice blend of moisture/texture. They found a great balance and I'm a customer for life now.

Great alternative to chew, expensive gum etc.


My favorite flavor of the line but seem to be always out of the 10mg for some reason. Has a nice tingle to it and nice moist pouch!


Wow. I ordered the 15mg cool mint pouches and they are awesome. Taste is great and the pouches hit pretty good. Will continue to order them as long as you guys stock them!!


I normally use rogue nicotine pouches but was looking for something different. These pouches are awesome! The taste is phenomenal and the 5mg has a little kick to it. Overall great pouches. Will be ordering again!